Astral expands big digital billboard network to Toronto, Vancouver

October 15, 2009 by Dave Haynes



Montreal-based Astral Media Outdoor is following up its presumably successful rollout of big-assed LED boards along the major traffic jams of Montreal by strategically positioning more of the big fellers along the clogged arteries of Toronto and Vancouver.


Reports MediaCaster:


AMO successfully launched ten 14’ x 48’ digital faces in Montreal last spring. Vancouver’s Digital Network consists of nine 10’ x 34’ digital faces located in high-traffic areas near the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver, the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, the Second Narrows Bridge in North Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Highway en route to Whistler. The Toronto network currently features three 14’ x 48’ digital faces – two located on the Gardiner Expressway and one on Finch Avenue. The national Digital Network is expected to be fully operational by early December. 


“Advertisers now have access to the latest outdoor advertising technology in Canada’s top three advertising markets,” said Luc Sabbatini, President of Astral Media Outdoor. “This national digital network reaffirms our commitment to continue leading the industry by providing the most innovative and creative solutions to best meet the needs of our customers.”


The 14 by 48 screens are Yesco boards running Yesco software.


Both cities have had much smaller full-motion video boards sprinkled about for many years, but these will be the first of this size, save for a two-sided unit Pattison Outdoor sparked up a few weeks ago on the Gardiner in Toronto (which from what I have seen seems to selling well).  




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