My company has been piloting in 6 Weis M

October 14, 2009 by Dave Haynes

My company has been piloting in 6 Weis Markets stores in Pennsylvania for three years. We started out with three screens in each store. They were placed in Produce, between the deli and bakery counters and either in Dairy or Meats. As a small pilot we were unable to get the consumer package goods companies to try us. So we went for local advertiser who advertise on the local radio or newspapers.

At first we got a bunch on at relatively high rates for digital signage. But after about a year we lost most of the first advertisers. We first though it was because the screens were too high. So we repositions as many as we could over permanent fixtures and lowered them. It didn’t seem to help much

Then we took two of the screens, leaving one on Produce and moved them out in front of the checkout. The advertisers got much better response and some got through the roof response. We decided dwell time is more important than traffic, especially if we are selling to local businesses.

We have now signed a new contract to roll-out to all the Weis stores chain wide. We are keeping the same configuration except dropping the screen in Produce.

Eventually, I can see the CPG’s comming on the screens in the back of the stores. Some are in the bigger venues. Walmart is really doing it right the way they are using sound to draw attention. But there is a huge market for advertisers who are not consumer package goods who want to reach that demo cost efficiently.

Thanks, Mark Fleisher
Aim Digital Visions, LLC

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