I have approximately 30 years of experie

October 9, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I have approximately 30 years of experience working with Burger King on their menu boards. Their current boards are my design. I have also been working with digital menu boards since before the digital industry started.

Burger king has been testing digital menu boards for several years but suprisingly they had no clear goals of what they were testing for. They trust the people they are working with and they are giving them some bad advise.

Of course I would love to sell Burger King a roll out of digital menu boards. If I can’t, I would hope they would do it right and set an example for the industry. Unfortunately, I do not expect them to do it right and set a good example. They may eventually get it right but it will take some time.

I agree the silly little screens high on the wall are simply a waste of money and create confusion. But, I believe the main menu board will be three 46″ LCD screens and that’s what it looks like in the photos. There are several of these around to view for yourself.

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