Strategy Institute Investor Conference – Day 1

October 7, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I got up at 2:35 am to get on my way to a 5:50 am flight from Buffalo to NYC. It is 10:21 pm now so to say I am running on fumes is an understatement.

Venue – good, though too small given crowd size … lower Manhattan, very near Ground Zero

Crowd – 100 or so, pretty good given economy

Mix – 10 VCs on the attendee list plus some speakers 

Rest – vendors, consultants and network operators

Sessions – generally good, some very good — though some Wall Street guys seemed a little jaded and absorbed and spoke in WallStreet-speak that I am sure fuzzified many (certainly dumbass me)

Reports – DailyDOOH, DS Universe, David Weinfeld all there so should be some good stuff … I will post once home … best stuff from an M and A guy at day’s end

Spotted – Lyle Bunn, Tom Nix, Lawrence Dvorchik, Graeme Spicer, Rob Gorrie, Rebecca Walt, Laura Davis Taylor, folks from Neo, Aerva, Context Media, Reach, MicroSigns, EnQii, Great Outdoor Network, AdSpace, DoMedia, YCD, C-Nario, many others …

Time for beauty sleep … wake me in 4 weeks

DailyDOOH – thanks for dinner! Crazy Reach Sports guys from Minnesota, thanks for not bringing me another beer! 


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