This is very silly. Saw the RFP last wee

September 28, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This is very silly. Saw the RFP last week and had a good chuckle with some of my customers.

Surprised to see that emergency notification and disaster response entirely overlooked.

By contrast, a few of other Toronto-based RFPs (such as York University, closed last month) really emphasized the logical requirements such as public messaging and emergency response.

@ Wireless player sponsoring the network: TDSB parents and media almost rioted when Futureshop sponsored a single computer lab in one of the schools (without a plaque, without a big splash, recognizing their donation by a single “Futureshop Red” wall). An entire DS Network sponsored by a corporate entity within a school setting will enrage the public.

Oh our poor impressionable, endangered youth….

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