First digital signage press release received from Neptune

September 8, 2009 by Dave Haynes

With apologies to the polite company I consider readers of this blog to be, WTF is this press release about???

AV Planners Inc today announced new predictions for the digital signage’s space. With the promise of being one of the most exciting platforms, the digital signage experts, AV Planners Inc foresee importance of local and relevant content, creative agencies understanding the role of digital signage’s, electronic media witnessing shifts from television to digital signage’s, interactivity as a differentiator and mixing of technology and medium including cell phones. The company continues to expand with service delivery in digital signage with the recent deployment of (company name expunged to protect the innocent) digital signage software at the University of California Davis. One of its kinds in the digital signage industry, this allows multiple users to alter content with an intuitive interface.

AV Planners Inc is a leader in the digital signage space, as a means of information sharing platform with an attractive layout and design. With the growing needs of the industry, AV Planners Inc provides digital signage solutions ranging from needs analysis, training to content creation. The digital signage services include design, content and installation across industries ranging from retail, transportation, hospitality, finance to education and healthcare markets. With in-depth expertise across equipments like hardware, plasma displays, billboards kiosks etc, AV Planners Inc offers advertising solutions that are effective and economical.

Oh, where to start. These guys issued a press release last week that was equally Neptunian. The predictions are just a wee bit general and unoriginal. But the bigger problem here is a company’s managerment that is trying to get some attention is instead coming off as slightly odd, to be extraordinarily kind.

This is self-serving and not the point here, but my Lord do these people ever need someone to take over their press release writing. 

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