Noice wars

August 23, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Throughout my 35 year of being part of providing enabling technologies, cries of “foul” about computerized record keeping, paperless transactions, ATM’s that depersonalize banking, magnetic stripe in the identity cards that we use – and the entire credit card system have been loudly heard.. Before “modern” times, Ludites denounced the printing press, steam was to ruin shipping, electricity would change our society for the worse forever and anatomical medicine was just gruesome folly. The spectrum of opinion, both progressive and restrictive, offer useful input to the “right-pacing” and optimal path that progress might take.. So to this entreprenial author, I say, thanks for the reminder… your points, vehemently made, which have been considered in every single project of this kind, will continue to help improve the process…. while, by the way, other, at time vehemently opposite opinions, must also be respected. Will I buy your book? No. It is just a new version of the same old book of “I want to be an island in this sea of humanity”. My dollars will go instead to advancing best practice.

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