Up and running !

August 21, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Yesterday while in the west LA area I walked past this restuarnt on culver that was doing a tv shoot. One of the PAs said they were filming for tranist tv. So I googled transit tv and I saw this blog. He said they had already aired one episode. So it looks like you have already started filming … awesome !

The show looked great and the host was amazing! She even gave us free samples. The food was even better. The idea of telling people on the bus where to find food is a great idea. I dont remember seeing anything like that while I was on the bus.

The PA said the show was called Stop Requested … pretty clever. Cant wait to see what you roll out next.

Good luck with all the challenges the public trully needs Tv with a purpose.

And thanks for the good food yesterday.


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