Hands up everyone who can interpret this … OK, hands up ANYONE???

August 17, 2009 by Dave Haynes


Invites went out last week by email and Youtube encouraging people who write about the DS space to set aside three hours on Friday to hook into a Webcast for a big announcement from the Germany company 42Media.

As you can see on our website www.42mediagroup.com a great event is foreshadowed. On 14th August, 12 p.m. our highlight of the year will go .live and I would like to invite you to join us.

One small step for us, one giant leap for the digital signage sector and our customers:

Such events need a worthy setting and so that everybody can take part we will be streaming the event live. 

The guys were trying whip up considerable excitement and promising this would be well worth everyone’s time. Well, morning in Germany was middle of night for me, so forget it. I got up and checked online to see what was up with it, and the only thing I read was from Adrian at Daily DOOH saying it was just another free SaaS service.

So I poked around Friday and found little, and tried again today and found this. The big questions, what do the next few paragraphs actually mean??? 

Oxygen.next is a web service like Twitter, YouTube or Google. Oxygen.next allows you to implement your digital signage projects within minutes.

With Oxygen.next a new digital signage era begins. Use it for your business or private – just download it and start at once!

Digital signage whenever you want it: Oxygen.next provides such flexibility you have always been searching for to implement your own digital network. On the basis of the Oxygen Media Platform Oxygen.next allows you to create your own digital signage network. Try it now.

Use Oxygen.next for your instore TV, for kiosk/touch applications or for your corporate communications. Oxygen.next can be applied in privacy as well: as a digital pin- or newsboard. Include streams, websites, RSS feeds or entire shows and create your individual, scheduled TV program.

Link Oxygen.next other web services such as Twitter or Facebook and create your own infotainment program.

The open interfaces of Oxygen.next allow to connect applications or to feed in content from databases. The network around Oxygen.next lets you develop your own scripts or content. Create a vital web service with us that will meet all demands and will be in constant development.

That’s from the section headed: What is Oxygen.next?

My answer: I have only the most fleeting idea. 

It is supposedly free, and Web-based. Neither is new, as there are a few free platforms out there. Ingesting RSS feeds from social media is certainly not new.

This thing may be unbelievable, but it will get very little traction in the English-speaking part of the industry unless the 42 Media people spend some time reviewing how they are bringing it to market. It’s really not that hard to spell out for people in plain, clear language what something is and why readers should be interested. 

I have, by the way, started a new blog, Buzz, Not Buzzwords, focused on encouraging less BS and fuzzy language in our space. 

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