For those of you who subscribe to the Screens Everywhere future vision … ads on golf bags

August 11, 2009 by Dave Haynes

As seen on James Van Etten’s email Clippings newsletter, a US PGA touring pro will be at the fourth golf major this week with a bag that has what appears to be a 19 inch LCD enbedded in it, running ads for a wine company and a charity.

Pro Bag Ads is proud to announce a new patented multi-media billboard systems which allows the advertiser to maximize information and services the client has to offer through a fully HD screen located on the large storage compartment area on the front of the player’s tour bag.

Typically advertisers are limited to brand marketing in the form of logoed accessories such as shirts, hats, pants and bags. Pro Bag Ads can be run at varying speeds,changes can be easily made to maximize exposure for the locations of store fronts or the locations were your produces and services can be purchased relative to the region the event is in. 

The company is run by a couple of buddies in the Phoenix area and pro Michael Allen is the first pro signed up. Allen’s caddie is undoubtedly pleased about the extra weight. 

This is about as much as much a marketing niche as one can imagine, and the snapshot suggests the technology already faces a challenge in dealing with direct sunslight. If only golf was played at night …. 

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