HMV embraces mediocrity in new UK installs

August 10, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I know my my friends at Daily DOOH are less than complimentary about UK-based Amscreen, its Donald Trump-ish chairman, and its foray so far into DOOH. What I have seen from a distance has been underwhelming (to be kind), and now there’s word that Amscreen has some sort of deal going with HMV in the UK using the same underwhelming offer.
I won’t say this is awful. It’s at least down at eye-level. It’s just so breathtakingly sub-optimized. You’ve got lots of room there. Much larger screens probably don’t cost much more.  The stupid ticker thing is still there.  So … why???
This is analyzing things from across the ocean, so keep that in mind. But given 27 of 270 stores are installed, this smells like a 10% trial and probably a free one using equipment that was already manufactured and ready to stick somewhere by Amscreen. Hopefully, the test reveals this approach is borderline dumb-assed and somebody suggests there are far better ways. 
The adulation of Trump and the thrill of being associated with the guy has escaped me and many others. Apparently the same thing goes on in the UK, and mediocrity is winning over common sense. Oh well. 

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