Your right, as usual…

August 4, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Dave, you’re right about everything. LinkedIn has degenerated into a heap of self-promotional nonsense. I’m active on LinkedIn in several digital signage and AV groups, mostly to foil self-promoters by pointing readers to our Directory. This way people can see ALL of the products and services that are on the market, not just the pretend questioners nonsense. I’m sure I have annoyed more than a few people on LinkedIn by crashing their self-promotion party. There are some legitimate discussions on LinkedIn and I do like to help people who are honestly looking for answers. Unfortunately, that is maybe one in ten postings that are legitimate.

Twitter makes a lot of sense for Web sites like ours and other industry portals because it is essentially another channel to distribute focused information to people who are really interested in a specific subject or company. It really just another RSS channel.

I get a real laugh when I see companies using Twitter to market their products on the cheap. It might drive a little traffic, but it’s not going to help a company in any serious way to move products and services. It’s just static noise and a waste of their time and resources. Twitter is NOT is a substitute for a REAL marketing plan.

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