A press release about lift that's really about almost nothing

July 30, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This industry needs more success stories about the good things that happen in retail when well-considered screen networks are put in, so I was pleased to see a headline reading: Scandinavian Hardware Store Boosts Profits with Digital Signage Network.

Problem is, the actual paper that was released about boosting revenue in the Danish DIY chain XL-BYG says pretty much nothing.

The paper says the chain did a five-store trial last year and then rolled out to 126 stores with more than 750 screens. That’s great to read, and I think we can safely assume the retailer really did see some revenue jumps as a result of the screens.

So here’s the hard data as relayed in the Scala press release (Scala was used by the Danish integrator): “This new media is generating more sales and makes cross-selling more likely,” said Nicolai Aaboe, interior manager …

Okey-dokey. Could we maybe get a percentage? Anything???

My suspicion is that a quote like this was all the retailer was willing to give up to the Scala guys (who are more normally masters  at beating their own drum). This reticence is still common in the business. For some stupid reason (and stupid really is the only applicable term) retailers and a lot of network operators hold tight to their research, even though something like a sales lift indicator can’t possibly help a competitor.

We need more evidence this stuff really does work, and an entire paper that is basically whipped air doesn’t advance the cause. If anything, it creates skepticism among anyone who actually reads beyond the headline.


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