Samsung launches new phone with holographic illusion

July 24, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Samsungmobile Jet making film from d’strict on Vimeo.

I spotted this on James Van Etten’s Clippings emailer this morning. This is a Samsung mobile phone product launch in a controlled environment, and I am pretty sure this is a variation on something I saw at Infocomm from a company called Digital Illusions. This one, however, was executed by a different company, d’strict.

If it is indeed the same technology, it is basically projection technology blasting on a sheet of clear mylar, suspended at a certain angle to create a holographic illusion. It is very cool stuff, the only snags being you need a darkened environment with good control on ambient light and some depth to the set-up. There’s too much required right now to pull it off well in something like a storefront window, but you can imagine over time how this could get refined.



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