Locamoda app entertains teen mob at concert

July 1, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I remember seeing some stuff on Twitter last week from Locamoda CEO Stephen Randall, saying he was at a concert by David Archuleta and Demi Lovato, and thinking a couple of things …


And who is Demi Lovato???

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Stephen has kids so he was being a heroic Dad (and if smart, had noise-cancelling earphones), but he was also no doubt having a first-hand look at what is a very cool application by his company of digital screens in a large concert setting. Randall’s Boston-area company has been leading the charge on the integration of social media and digital screens, and I think this is among the best apps I have seen to date.


There is some shaky video which sounds like Stephen has the camera.

In essence, texting crazy teens and tweens (looks like pretty much all girls) were able to send SMS messages to a pair of very large projection screens flanking the stage, presumably there for live video during the actual concert. They could also get their photos taken at a special booth in the arena corridors and, maybe, also send pics from their phones.

As Jayne Karolow’s The Web Outside blog notes: Thousands of txts and photos were sent to the screen – they’re prolific, these tweens!

You could easily imagine this becoming a standard offer at a lot of concerts and public events. 

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