Big wireless retailer selects guys down the road for screen roll-out

June 24, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This is old news to me, but a press release was just issued now about NetKey bagging a deal to roll out screens in 350-plus Wireless Zone stores.

Wireless Zone is a big Verizon reseller and based near Hartford, while NetKey is about 40 minutes south on the Connecticut coast, which I am sure helped the case a little. I know this deal all too well as I was chasing it when I was with another big software company and did the pilot locations. But the larger deal came down to price and the ever-thorny agreement term, and NetKey won the day.

That was many, many weeks ago, but for whatever reason it was just announced now.

As part of an effort to enhance the customer experience and drive new sales, the company is installing up to eight digital signs in each Wireless Zone store. The signs display up-to-the-minute information about new wireless products, services, and special carrier promotions, and all content can be remotely updated and managed from a single PC at Wireless Zone headquarters using Netkey digital signage software.

“In the highly competitive wireless market, providing current information about products and services to customers is a must,” said Jose Olmeda, executive director of store development for Wireless Zone. “The flexibility and ease-of-use of the Netkey digital signage software has allowed Wireless Zone to generate immediacy with our in-store marketing communications and guarantee a consistent brand experience across all our outlets.”

I don’t hear that much about NetKey in the marketplace, so this is a very nice win – particularly since Wireless Zone is one of too few retailers making moves while the recession grinds on. My gut told me wireless retailers are somewhat recession-proofed (mobile phones have cocaine-like qualities) and this rollout reflects that. If I was targeting retail, those cell phone store guys are at the head of the call list. 

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