ITES to the hosting rescue

June 23, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I have bumped into and chatted with Richard Fortin, the president of ITES Media, quite often when I have been in Montreal. An avid sixteen:nine reader, and very nice guy, he’s seen the disruptions and hacks I’ve had to put up with from my low-rent hosting provider.

One day he offered to host this blog for free, and after yet another two or three day disruption, I took him up on it recently.

So this blog is now hosted by Fortin’s company, which does some nice, very cool work in the interactive kiosk part of DS. You’ll see a sponsor banner on the right column, as a bit of a thank you for his help. Do check out what he and his guys do.

Merci, Richard and Viet.

And pray for me, as I paid for a year of hosting on my budget servers, and now have a little side project running on there. But straight HTML, no Joomla. Maybe that will help.

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