Infocomm lightning thoughts

June 17, 2009 by Dave Haynes

1 – Oh my God it is hot down here!

2 – This show doesn’t seem all that busy.

3 – Guys I know are basically saying what they’ve seen is the “same old stuff” … Some of the panel guys seem to have the same booth and stuff they had last year

4 – Unless I missed it, none of the big software guys are going over the top with their booths, and Ronin, BroadSign and a few others are conspicuously absent. A DS company going big here would be badly advised, so this is encouraging.

5 – A number of companies like RDM, Aerva and others have co-located in other guys’ booths.   

6 – Infocomm is still very much an integrators show

7 – I have seen some interesting stuff, like an arc-light thing that can replace regular projector bulbs and greatly extend life cycles… more on them later

8- I need a beer(s) 

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