Oh Bother: The Sequel

June 12, 2009 by Dave Haynes

So all I will publicly note is that I have a lawyer, and that evidently I don’t have the Super-Hero powers my new masters apparently thought I possessed. Or should have.

Dazed and confused, having gone in to a new gig excited by the possibilities, I came out a whole 26 business days later a free agent once again.

The general opinion of industry friends, once accurately briefed on what went down, was: “WTF?”

I have not been writing much lately as I was crazy-busy ramping my new thing up, and then this situation rather abruptly boiled up, and really threw off my writing time and interest.

Lawyering aside, time to move on. The good thing about my gig was learning a ton about the rear projection business and a few other technical areas where I was not all that well-schooled. I also got a lot of time understanding what winds the collective watches among media, merchandising and retail planning people – people I’d not seen as much of while chasing network operator business for software vendors.

It’s interesting to go from meetings where cost is no real object to others where it is everything. Or meetings where cost isn’t really a consideration … just the need for something cool and different.

Anyway, I am in self-marketing mode again, very much to my chagrin. I am going to InfoComm in Orlando starting Wednesday, to meet a bunch of people but also to enjoy walking a trade show floor from the perspective of a possible buyer and integrator, instead of vendor. I hope to see lotsa people I know, and will be happy to hook up, particularly, with those people who are looking for a smarty-pants like me to help shape and drive their business.

And if you want to buy me a beer, it’s not likely I’ll say no. It’s been one bumpy spring, but better times are absolutely just ahead. 

I have a press pass for the show, so expect a few posts.

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