Samsung unveils its own skinny panel

June 3, 2009 by Dave Haynes

You know that curious but also very intriguing skinny LCD panel that LG came out with last year?

Now Samsung has one.

LG’s “stretched display” is starting to get used in the field, and we actually have one in the office right now for a lookee. It’s an interesting idea for certain retail and public applications, as it is essentially a 32 or 40 LCD cut horizontally in half. It definitely doesn’t cost half as much.

This week at the Society of Information Display show in San Antonio, arch-enemy Samsung has one in its booth, called a super wide display and described as a “41.3-inch super-wide (1m x 30cm) digital information display panel (that) also is on display to give a detailed explanation about 240Hz technology.”

Photo from Engadget 

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