The Digital Signage Show Las Vegas

May 12, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Dave: Sorry to disappear, I managed to actually take a few extra days at the end before picking up any work again, and to clear my head after The Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas last week. But, I am now back in the office, focused on delivering a killer NY 2009 show in November. To answer your questions: Our measure of success for The Digital Signage Show/KioskCom is simple and remains consistent, whether in more favorable times or in the throes of this economic crisis. Simply put, did we accomplish the goals of our stakeholders? (attendees, exhibitors, speakers, press) Did we actually do what we said we would? Did we deliver what we said we’d deliver? Did we educate the attendees so they can go back and put what they learned into practice? Did exhibitors meet with the right decision makers who are in the buying cycle, so they can develop and grow their businesses? The answer, based on the feedback we have heard and read is unequivocally yes, these objectives were met. And again (I know I sound like a broken record here), but whether in great times or hard times, attendees were quality end user buyers, decision makers with budgets who are in their prime buying cycles. I know it sounds simplistic, but aren’t the objectives I listed above the true test of an event or any marketing and business development investment? Maybe one of these days I’ll get you to be my guest at The Digital Signage Show (note to self … NY is coming up November 10-11).

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