Apple Canada hosting next Toronto mixer

May 5, 2009 by Dave Haynes

It is mixer time again, and this should be an interesting and well-attended event, considering the sponsor/hosts this time around.

There were three biz dev guys from Apple at the one in April and this time they’re taking on the all important “paying for munchies and buying some drinks” duties. Dmitry Sokolov at Ingram, who graciously organizes the events and sweet-talks vendors into sponsorships, says the Apple Canada guys will be out in force and will bring along some toys.

Not a lot of the DS world runs on the Mac OS, but the Mac Mini would probably smoke many or all of its rivals if it was running XP. The price and form factor are good, and the people I know who have installed Windows or Linux on it (it takes some knowledge) say the quality of video playback is outstanding.

Following the usual second Tuesday on the month thing, the next one is Tuesday, May 12th, at 6:30 pm. 

Usual place, as well, though in the larger downstairs lounge (taken up last time by what appeared to be a speed-dating thing): 

Six Steps Restaurant & Lounge

55 Colborne Street

T – 416.504.4800

F – 416.504.4880

For the uninitiated, the mixer is a chance for industry people and newcomers to get together, swap cards and yak, with the only formalities being the ritual slathering of foreheads with mayonnaise, and an hour of feverish chanting.

So Ingram and Apple know what kind of numbers to expect, it would be great if you RSVP: Dmitry.Sokolov at 

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