Walt forms new DS consultancy focused on retail

April 28, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Tons of people will know Rebecca Walt as one of the more broadly experienced and sharper people in this space, having come out of retail and packaged goods, and spent time with both Convergent and Reflect Systems.

She left Reflect about a month ago and has since started up her own consulting business, aimed particularly at connecting the dots between retailers, brands,  technology suppliers and consumers. 

“I think what I have is the ability to put all the pieces together,” says Walt, who is calling the company In-Venue Digital.

Walt is running the business out of her Atlanta home and just starting to get the word out about what she wants to offer up, such as: 

 Having been through a very similar experience, in terms of an abrupt career change, I know there is a lot of demand out there for consulting, particularly if the person can bring some genuine real-world experience and practical insight. My guess is even in this economy, she’ll get busy quickly.  

Her Linked In profile is here …

Or you can get her by email at: rebwalt at gmail.com 

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