Window projection campaign wins best of show at DOOH awards

April 23, 2009 by Dave Haynes

MediaPost handed out its first Digital Out-of-Home Media Awards last night following a day long conferencer in New York.
The big winner, with best in show, was NYC-based streetfront window projection guys Inwindow Outdoor, for what looks like an amazing, and amazingly expensive, for the animated film Caroline.
The company took over vacant storefronts in seven cities, in high foot traffic areas, and used a combination of media and trickery such as motion-detection and virtual reality technologies that did things like superimpose the main character’s button eyes over the reflected images of the real eyes of people who stopped to have a look.
The video suggests a pretty remarkable project, the one caveat being that the coding, project management and execution probably added up to a very big number. So when your client sits down for cofee with you and starts asking about doing something like the Coraline thing he read about, have the heart paddles ready.
The full list of winners, with descriptions and links, is here.
The variety of entries and the way the contest was handled and information distributed suggest these particular awards has the lead in what ever competition exists to establish the primary industry award – kinda like which one is the Oscars, and which other ones are the also-rans. 

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