Why DOOH needs a level playing field

April 22, 2009 by Dave Haynes

David – this is clearly the future of DOOH. I suspect (and hope) that it’s actually not too far off. However, the drivers for success are not just the standardization of player software (or at least a layer of standardization) but also the fact the DOOH can’t grow without cross platform, cross channel media distribution. Imagine an advertiser being told their content could work on Fox but not on HBO due to proprietary software. Or being told a banner will work on one website but not another. Those industries have gone through that pain and so must DOOH. Flash is clearly one part of the solution. So too is an Adsense model (which = measurement) which will require standardization around the local data and/or addressing (much like urls). And content standards like those on the web will help DOOH turn into a more viable business. Soon.

Stephen Randall

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