Adobe AIR platform will drive new Signage Software

April 22, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Great perspective David. I’ve felt the same way for some time regarding the commoditization of digital signage software. With the reported 100 – 300+ digital signage software companies out there there is just TOO many options. As the software companies and industry matures the “must have” features will be available on the many remaining options – thus the greater number of competitors that can meet a clients needs is bound to cause prices to go down.

Add to that the relative “ease” of developing a digital signage software solution using the Adobe AIR platform and I think you’ll have even more low cost software options. Adobe AIR allows you to create a media rich,”desktop” application using web technologies like HTML, Javascript and Actionscript that run on Windows, Mac and Linux. An Adobe AIR application could be built to display HD video, Flash, XML tickers, interactive content full screen or in zones based on playlists – sound familiar?

Some early players based on are S3mer and MediaSignage which in my view have a little ways to go. One of my companies, Treefort – used Adobe AIR as the software that powers a digital signage network going in commercial office buildings (A La Office Media Network) and it handles proof-of-play, interactive touch ads, displays news, etc.

The top software companies will prove their worth with partnerships, ease of use and creditability, but the few hundred “middle tier” players will have a hard time getting deals. That is why my company Screenfeed is focusing on what you play with the software, not the software itself – good content will always be valuable.

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