Gizmodo gadget bloggers photo-tour the 850-screen network at new Mets home

April 16, 2009 by Dave Haynes


Once in a while, and mercifully only once in a while, a client has asked about whether the pots and pans I sold could support a digital screen network in a place like a ballpark or hockey arena. I even had one that was already doing that sort of thing.

But generally speaking, it scares the willies out of me … because it strikes me as way more complicated than everyone seems to think.

Gizmodo photo tour behind the scenes at the new ballpark where the Mets play is a great confirmation of that. Granted, this is a big stadium in a big city. It’s going to be a less than typical job. But the tour pretty much confirms that this sort of thing is best left to the AV pros who build TV stations, because that’s what’s really shaking here.

The control room for the 850 screens, all of them Sharp (except in the control room), looks very much like a TV control room, and the screen network does everything from pump live TV into the luxury suites you and I will never see, and the more public walkway and concession areas. 

You can see all the pictures on Gizmodo, including how a couple of $100K monster LCDs are used.  

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