Noventri jumps the shark

April 14, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This is what I would describe as a big reach, and funny, in a tortured, silly, shark-jumping kind of way.
Somehow or other, the rather relentless freelance PR machine working for a small Maryland-area digital signage company has put Noventri and pop singer Madonna together in the same press release.
Madonna Makes an Appearance on Noventri Digital Menu Boards at Minute Maid Park 
Madonna fans never missed a minute of the sold-out concert, says the press release, as they purchase goodies from food stands at the Minute Maid Park. The stadium’s club level digital menu boards, previously installed by Noventri, provide tasteful and dynamic menu solutions with a live video feed of the concert to attendees.

Madonna performed at the Minute Maid Park on November 16, 2008 for her Sticky & Sweet Tour. Noventri’s Content Creation and Management Team, who continues to create and manage content for the stadium’s menu boards, created digital menus that featured Madonna and her tour with a video feed that encapsulated the live concert to prevent fans from missing any part of the show. 
Oh, where to start …
It happened four months ago. It was embedded live video in a menu board at the hot dogs and soda stand (way, umm, cool). It was Madonna!!!
At least if you are going to do this, somehow drag Barack Obama in on it. Or the Octo-mom-thing. 
The PR person, who is perhaps paid by the press release, has been mercilessly firing off marginal stuff about Noventri for several weeks now (she has my e-mail, and she’s using it). With this one, she has officially helped her masters jump the shark. 
Now I don’t know a thing about Noventri. They may have an amazing solution. But I’m not sure I subscribe to the notion that PR press, ANY PR press, is good press. This is just goofy press. 

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