EnQii announces new CTO

April 8, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I’m grabbing a coffee this morning with Michael Willems, who was until recently the CTO at EnQii. I mention this because EnQii just announced, after a lengthy search, the appointment of Max Stevens-Guille as the new guy.

EnQii’s newsletter says he comes of out interactive, but was also a co-founder and Sr Vice President of Maptuit, which is navigation systems for the logistics industry. So if somebody comes at them for GPS driven content on screens, I’m thinking EnQii has a leg up on that sort of thing. He’ll be based in the Oakville (Toronto) office.

When I was at that company I had a common wall with Willems and watched, amused, as he built up an increasingly big collection of cameras and lenses (and bills) as he got more and more into photography. In the brief time he’s gone out on his own, he’s won a photo press award and started building up a real business around shooting people and events.

I do know, however, he still wants to keep his hand in this stuff and is a great guy to engage for a thorough, analytical look at a company’s DS technology direction, and is really good at explaining things to people like investors. His personal website is here.

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