"Guru" for hire

March 30, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Well it has only been a couple of hours, and I wasn’t planning on posting anything, but Adrian at Daily DOOH clearly has a mole embedded deep inside BroadSign.

I looked at my Google Reader and saw, almost before I knew, that I am on the street.

I’m gonna stay on the high road here and state simply that Broadsign is angling towards a channel partner strategy and direct sales is not part of it. It’s a little disconcerting and frustrating, to say the least, but if I know anything I know it’s not personal or performance-related.

I was going to take a couple of days and reflect, and just breathe deep, but the “I heard a rumour calls” are already coming in and I better deal with them.


Yes, I’m ex-BroadSign.

No, I don’t know what I’m doing next.

Yes, I’m of course interested in chatting.

E-mail: 169dave at gmail.com — phone – 905-592-1612 

If you need a CV there’s one posted here  

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