Give the customer interactive control

March 2, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Large kiosk touchscreens in key locations which provide useful information is the way to go, I think it is called providing a real customer service.

So for example in the wine department a large format touch kiosk (large because it would attract attention) which could help you choose the best bottle of wine to go with the meal you are cooking that night. Or a hot button on screen which simply lists best deals of the day.

You could have a large kiosk wayfinder to direct you straight to the item you want great if you are in a hurry, although I expect the large supermarkets want you to wander so you impulse buy as you go around the store

Interactivity opens up the ability to accurately measure what customers are looking for.

Simplicity of user interface is the key make the menu structure too complex you will soon lose the interest of the customer.

In these days of the iphone, people now expect all displays to be touch.

I suppose we at visualplanet are slightly biased as we make large format through glass touch screen foils that can be used in all types of large rugged public facing displays, but this is now the age of touch and consumer choice.


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