DSE thoughts from smarter people (plus Gerba)

March 2, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Lionel Tepper, I assume, of Digital Signage Universe has posted a really thorough but byline-free review of the conferences and trade show hall at last week’s DSE event in Vegas. Lotsa detail and pics. You can read it here.

As well, Real Digital Media’s CEO Ken Goldberg, who writes a very thoughtful blog but doesn’t do it enough, has a couple of posts up about last week, including his winning $360 at a slot machine. Ken and I have been trading emails here and there, but had never met until last week. Really nice, happy guy. I stress that last bit because I saw the VP Sales for another software firm several times over two days (he was on my washroom dash route), and he was the same sourpuss I met briefly at the NRF show a few weeks earlier. How do you sell stuff when you always look pissed off???

And Bill Gerba just let the Twitter world (it’s just his account, so he’s not as awesome as the DS company that announced last week it has a Twitter account) that he has posted his deep, thoughtful insights about last week – including his pleasure at seeing me locked in a glass room most of the two days.   

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