A crash course on the industry

February 12, 2009 by Dave Haynes


I was invited to do a 55-minute presentation earlier today to a crowd of mostly media people in Montreal, for that city’s highly regarded InfoPresse conference series.

Somewhat out of character, I only whacked the mike with a waving hand once, and flew through a chat that apparently went the whole length but seemed to go about 15 minutes.

Good event. Very well run. But obviously some curious speaker picks, given that they put the arm on me.

I did a SlideShare thing with the presentation, which buggered the formatting here and there. I tend to talk to bullet points, rather than just rattle off what people can just read on the screen, so some of the slides will not be all that enlightening.

But there’s enough in there to give you a sense of what i blabber on about if someone crazily hands me a mike. 

Note – I tried embedding, but Mr. Joomla is not cooperating … 

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