Virgin retail CIO to do keynote at DS Show

February 6, 2009 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Show has announced its keynote speaker for the next show in May is the CIO and Vice President of Information Technology of Virgin Entertainment Group, and his plan is to talk about what they pulled together for Virgin MegaStore.

The presentation is called:  “Enhancing The Customer Experience While Achieving Increased Sales Lift, and Operational Efficiencies through Customer Facing & Customer Engaging Technologies.” That means if the keynote is 30 minutes long, speaker Robert Fort will have 20 minutes left after reading the title.
“Walking into a Virgin MegaStore is highly visual and highly experiential. The customer experience is critical.  The more customers are engaged, the more likely they are to purchase,” explains Fort in a press release. 

“VirginTV is a key component of what we as an organization are creating, adding another visual medium for our artists and advertisers to communicate to the customers.”

With a focus on improving the customer experience and driving sales, Fort will discuss how Virgin uses customer engaging technologies, such as kiosk listening stations, Virgin TV and more, to create a truly unique customer experience.  He will also discuss how these customer engaging technologies help improve employee productivity and control costs throughout all of their retail locations and ensure better compliance & consistency overall.  

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