Three years and about 1,100 posts … so far

February 6, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I just realized today marks three years of writing this nonsense.

By my count, 1,100 posts and so far only one cease and desist letter from an emperor who didn’t like me pointing out he’d dropped his pants.

There were truly just a handful of blogs on the industry when I started writing this thing. Now there are too many to count. What hasn’t changed is that there are still only a handful worth paying attention to. Thanks for your many comments online and private emails of encouragement. I get a kick out of meeting people and somewhere in the conversation, them saying, “Oh, you’re the guy …”

I also find it quite funny to see how this thing has evolved, as I now get speaking invitations (I have to blabber on for almost an hour next week at a thing in Montreal), requests for Sixteen:Nine to be a media sponsor of events, and the best, invitations from PR specialists to meet and interview the CEOs and/or Marketing VPs of companies I compete with as a sales monkey.

One of the things I have been toying with is opening this up to guest writers, as I know LOTS of really smart people who have good things to say but don’t have time for keeping their own blog going. I’m not sure I really have time, but here I sit.

Zip me a note if you are interested, and can bring something that kinda lines up with my own take on this thing.


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