Exec changes at EnQii, BroadSign

February 4, 2009 by Dave Haynes

There have been a couple of significant moves in the last few days at two of the larger software players in our space.

Michael Willems, the long-time CTO of EnQii, is leaving after nine years of Digital View-Digital View Media-EnQii. Michael is a true pioneer in the industry, and took the company from the early days of barely networked MPEG2 appliances to the highly regarded SaaS platform that EnQii now promotes. I know Michael well, and watched him grow increasingly passionate about photography – a second career he now plans to pursue.

This change has been in the works for a while and EnQii is looking for a new CTO, to be based in its R&D and ops office in Oakville, Ontario, aka suburban Toronto. I’ve been getting the odd email from people interested in the gig, so the news is definitely out there.

The other notable move has been reported elsewhere, but since I’m mentioning one company …

Rick Engels, the CEO at BroadSign since mid-2007, has left the company, as well as CFO David Steichen, who joined BroadSign last summer. I work for BroadSign, and will miss Rick’s passion for the company and his energy. Brian Dusho, a company founder, now adds President to his Chief Strategy Officer title. 

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