This is SO true

February 2, 2009 by Dave Haynes


First; love your blog and the writing style (I think we have similar styles). You are on my blog roll. 🙂

Second: This is SO true and I was also going to write a post about this. I never realized there are SO many companies offering software / content delivery programs, but once I went through my research, I also realized that it is indeed a really crowd space that uses “leaders in..” language like it’s going out of style… I think because of the economy these days, this sector will thin out a bit, but there will still be a lot of players, which mostly likely hinders industry goal of “stardardization.”

Simplest way to measure who is the Actual leader may be going by network, or more specifically, # of total screens these software are used for. This in itself is probably Really time consuming for someone to do though.

GREAT POST! It really hit straight home!

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