JADN: Dagobert's content rules

February 2, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I have been very busy lately, happily since having nothing to do during a recession is a bad sign. And I have also been trying to finish off a 980-page book before it was due back at the library. So, not much posting during my down time.

I was waiting on Olivier Debin of Dagobert, who presented at the JADN last week, to send me his presentation deck. But nothing yet in my Inbox. So before that gets too old, here’s what I know from notes and my wobbly French translation skills.

Debin runs a multi-faceted agency in Paris, whose work spans various digital platforms. He has about 60 people working for him, and his clients include the telecom Orange, Societe Generale, and the French lottery, which has 12,600 screens.

He walked through what he calls his Magic Triangle for digital screeen content, with the three points being the primary sales promotion, the brand experience, and entertainment. The content output falls somewhere inside that triangle, skewing more in one direction based on the need.

He suggested: 


I probably missed a couple as well. As noted last week, Dagobert does some REALLY nice work … though this is agency quality stuff, and if you are looking for someone to build you new creative for 200 Euros, these aren’t your guys. 


Update: here are Olivier’s 12 rules, which he has provided now in English:


12 rules for effective content

1. Define your own magical triangle

2. Adopt a leading theme

3. Never forget that is a furtive media

4. Open a dialogue with the customer

5. Create interactivity

6. Structure the content

7. Be explicit at any stage of the program

8. Create an efficient sequencing

9. Preserve yourself from text overloading

10. To promote an event, create a “cluster” of animations

11. Catch the right rythm of the program

12. Bet on digital synergy


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