JADN: Girgis on what to think about

January 29, 2009 by Dave Haynes

OK, back at my bunker after a few days on the road, and able to post some notes from the JADN event earlier this week.

The first guy up was Mike Girgis, who runs Onestop Media and has networks running in retail, hotels, malls and the Toronto subway system. He’s also the chair of the Canadian Out-of-home Digital Association, which just had its annual general meeting this morning (more on that later — I was there).
Mike focused his talk on the key things to think about for the industry these days. From my notes …
1 – This is part of the evolution of communications and the launch of a new medium
We’re seeing new terminology. New types of venues. New skill sets. New thinking.
2 –  This stuff is changing businesses
Digital will drive all communications over time.
3 – For retail and corporate networks, costs are being reduced and there is a tangible “green” impact
4 – Good short term goals will lead to long term success
“We see so many executions that are launched that are not telling good stories.”
5 – For content creation, it has to be contextual. The environment needs to be understood. It needs to be engaging
6 – Mindsets are shifting … slowly
There are lots of positive signals about the industry, but it is still not an easy sell. However, we’re starting to hear people talking not in terms of “trying” a digital out of home by, but “doing” it.
7 – Budgets are shifting too
“Once they try digital they aren’t going back.”
8 – DS as a medium is a perfect jump point to other emerging mediums, like mobile
9 – As in industry we’re moving in the right direction, and a tough economic climate is arguably a great time to shift some thinking
10 – This is the industry’s time … finally
“This is not going to slow down.”

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