Adcentricity turns on new planning engine

January 15, 2009 by Dave Haynes

My friends over at Adcentricity have released a new media planning tool, called AdVenue, that’s intended to provide even more granularity to placing ads in the digital screen sector.

I traded emails with company founder Rob Gorrie, who confirmed the platform is not an extension of the existing planning platform it had in place, but a new platform built from the ground up, based on much of what he and his crew have learned since the company was launched a couple of years ago.

He said there is some very cool functionality in AdVenue that doesn’t currently exist in this space.


From its press release:

ADVenue provides three key elements that innovative marketers already making use of the space will value:

1.) The ability to truly understand by region and venue type, which geographies and venues are a perfect fit for campaign and business objectives, supported by census, association and third party data.  

2.) The ability to set priorities for a plan, such as defining tighter targeting on a desired audience or larger reach, including the ability to automatically assign priorities based on a defined budget across tens of thousands of venues.

3.) The ability to plan local and buy national. Marketers can now build national plans and buys, DMA by DMA, allowing for different plans in markets, under the same consolidated annual or campaign plan.

“Where ethnography has had an enormous impact on more recent planning decisions, ‘Topographical’ advertising, literally translated as ‘place writing’, has the ability to connect brands and consumers, in-context, like no other medium,” added Gorrie. “You simply have to know where to look and how to speak to them. ADVenue makes advanced decisions on each venue based on millions of calculations per campaign.” 

The company has also done a website makeover, and added a Facebook page. And Gorrie is doubling up posts to his own blog to a new company blog.

Adcentricity says it can now facilitate boooking to 70 venue types and 130,000 screens in some 200 DMAs.

The press release also takes pains to note while the company offers this planning tool, it’s still a high touch, one to one media selling business. 


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