More detail out on Coolsign sale

January 8, 2009 by Dave Haynes

From a follow-up press release:

CS Software was recently formed and was led by an investment from Pegasus Capital Advisors, the firm that also invested recently in the leading experiential branding and technology firm, Creative Realities.

Jason Friedman, CEO of Creative Realities said, “I am thrilled that I was able to introduce Pegasus to the CoolSign team, and help put together a deal that is great for the digital signage industry and that our investors shared the vision for the possibilities for this business.”

A CoolSign spokesman said, “With the proper capital resources and a new and inspired vision, we are confident that CoolSign, already an industry leader, will not only be able to better support their existing customer base, but also to continue to lead innovation and provide the highest-quality, enterprise solution for customers using out of home digital communications as a vital part of their business.”

The new company will be based in New York City, with the head software development office remaining in Oregon and sales offices in NY, Amsterdam, and France.

Creative Realities describes what it does on its website:

We’re a technology firm that specializes in creating wow-inducing environments and customer experiences for corporations in the Retail, Hospitality, and Entertainment industries.

All our work hinges upon helping our clients reach an important business goal. We’ve used technology to educate, sell, entertain, differentiate, and get the word out about services, products, and companies.

In other words, they do retail environmental design with a heavy tilt toward technology, ie lotsa screens and projection. So it would seem a good marriage between the companies.


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