SeeSaw adds more granularity to targeting

December 17, 2008 by Dave Haynes

SeeSaw has announced a significant upgrade to its media planning platform, adding what seems to be a really serious level of granularity to its ability to target advertising to down to location characteristics.

Like its prime competitor Adcentricity, SeeSaw is in the business of bring a wide variety of digital screen networks under its wings and enabling the media planning and brand industries to use database-driven online tools to plan campaigns across multiple networks and platforms. The attraction for the  networks is pretty simple: they have little or no hope on their own of tapping major ad dollars because they’re too small or too regional, but as part of an aggregate of networks they have a shot, without doing any real work.

My friends at these companies would do a better job of ‘splaining it, but that’s all I got.

Anyway, SeeSaw’s upgrade to, according to a new press release, highlights three new capabilities:

  1. Advanced budget allocation capabilities enable users to optimize media  spend in specific markets. Budgets can be exactly allocated by either a  specific dollar amount or as an overall percentage of the campaign,  allowing planners and buyers to extend and complement the advertising spend across other media based on the number of impressions they need to drive business results.
  2. More exact ad scheduling capabilities allow planners to turn ads on and off on a weekly basis for specific networks over the course of a campaign to achieve the optimal frequency of messages delivered to people across a life pattern campaign.
  3. Granular trade-area mapping enables media planners to visually target — down to specific addresses — advertising locations within an exact distance around an address. This is particularly beneficial to advertisers with brick and mortar investments such as retailers, banks, restaurants and auto dealerships. By using interactive mapping technologies to select and purchase digital video network screens, marketers and media planners can minimize waste and focus media spend where it will have the most impact.

The big wild card in that is how few software platforms that drive these networks can actually support that level of granularity without requiring crazy amounts of playlist building and cross-referencing.

SeeSaw is reporting it now has more than 40 digital signage networks and 26,000 venues across 30 different types of locations. The weekly gross impressions rolls up to 50 million, which the SeeSaw guys say is better than prime time TV.


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