Locamoda app for bars blends SMS and social apps with DS

December 11, 2008 by Dave Haynes

A bunch of companies that focus on the bar and cafe crowd are part of a cool new AT&T promotion put together by the folks at Boston-based Locamoda.

The company has carved out a fairly unique niche for itself developing applications that blend text messaging and social networks with digital signage, and the latest is a more involved and extended version of the Jumbli word game it has been promoting and tweaking the last several months.

LocaModa Inc., a technology company connecting brands to audiences through location-centric media, today (note – actually a couple of weeks ago) launched the world’s first interactive word game that connects online audiences in social utilities such as Facebook to audiences in New York’s Times Square and 1,200 social locations ranging from bars, cafes and restaurants, says a press release.

Jumbli™ is a multiplayer text messaging word game. Players who submit the highest scoring words from their mobile phones or online see their names and word scores on all the location screens and on sites like Facebook simultaneously. For example, the same Jumbli plays displayed on Clear Channel’s Jumbotron in Times Square are also displayed in Facebook and all restaurant and bar locations.

Jumbli’s release marks the first time Times Square and thousands of locations have been connected to a Facebook application; It is also the first time a text messaging game has connected online and offline players in real-time.

Over one million people every day are able to see and interact with Jumbli via their mobile phones at locations across the U.S. and join communities of players participating online in Facebook.

“We are enabling massive audiences online and off to engage with media in a manner familiar to web audiences,” said Stephen Randall, CEO of LocaModa. “Users want to control the media around them. It’s even more compelling when the user experience in social locations is connected to social networks online. It was inevitable that the power of the web would reach beyond the PC and the immediacy of the mobile phone would extend beyond the two-inch screen.”

In addition to Clear Channel’s giant screen in Times Square, participating LocaModa affiliate networks include Danoo, Ecast, Barcast and Zoom.

Locamoda also announced this week it got its US patent for “A system and method for providing and managing location-based interactive content.”


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