GSTV going big, despite state of economy

December 9, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Well, there are suggestions out there that this is one of those “seize the moment” situations — in which some companies will hunker down and others will, in effect, go for the brass ring.

GSTV appears to be going the latter route.

Reports MediaWeek:

Gas Station TV marked the installation of its network at the 1,000th gas station with the announcement Monday (Dec. 8) it would roll out to the top 100 markets. Currently in 22 of the top 25 markets, GSTV plans to complete installation in the 100 markets by the end of first quarter next year.

The rollout will solidify GSTV’s position as the largest network at the gas pump and one of the top five out-of-home video networks with a reach approaching 30 million monthly viewers.

“We’ve heard time and time again from marketers that rolling out to 100 DMAs is really important,” said David Leider, CEO of Destination Media, owner of GSTV. “Advertisers want to plan and buy from a national and regional basis. This helps with scale.”

Leider admits the move goes against common wisdom

“The market is certainly slower, but I think 2009 will be strong for us. It’s ramping up nicely. We have a lot of advertisers talking to us that have never spoken to us before,” said David Leider, CEO of Destination Media. 

If they go at the same pace, with 40-50 stations per market, that’s another 3,000 or so stations in the next year. More likely, that means one or two per market to create at least the optics of a national buy.

Good to see people expanding right now. At least the gas station experience these days doesn’t make people want to close their eyes as they pump $4 gas. 

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