Bunn releases his 2008 year in review

November 24, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Fellow Canuck Lyle Bunn has been around this space for ages and has been on his own with what sounds like a thriving consulting business for the last 11 months. As a result, he has to eat, drink, talk, sleep this stuff and therefore has a pretty good handle on what’s going on.

He’s done a review of what’s transpired in the past year, and a bit of a look ahead, as well.

It’s a good read and very useful for those wretched souls at companies who get the arm put on them to figure out a digital signage strategy, who then ask, “digital what??”

The review is is nine pages, and you can download it as a PDF here.

Expect more of these reviews and looks ahead. I may do one, maybe not. This covers much of what I’d write, and I am really not sure where much of anything is going until W throws some boxes in the pickup and heads back to Texas.

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