JADN draws healthy crowd

November 20, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Arsenal Media held another one of its JADN.TV industry events in Montreal earlier this week, drawing a big crowd and getting what seemed to be a very positive reception from the crowd. It was a new venue, inside an art gallery, the Arsenal crew again did a nice job making it a very polished, professional event.

I’d like to tell you what went on, but I didn’t take notes when Lyle Bunn spoke (didn’t bring a notepad) and pretty much everything else was in French, which was OK for reading but not so good for me hearing what was what. I should have stuck with French lessons, sigh.

Gail Chiasson, who has for years been covering the ad industry with PubZone, was there and posted a report

There was a nice, diverse crowd and lots of new faces, among them Claude Senechal, the president of Intello Technologies, which had been doing in-room TV content distribution but has started building up a client list in retail digital siggane. Never heard of the company, but they seem to be quietly getting some retail wins.

Thank you to Denys and Line, and their team, for putting the event together, inviting me and sticking me in front of a microphone. It’s always fun to field very detailed questions from industry colleagues, and not have a clue how to answer, because the question was all in French. 

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