OVAB Europe announced

November 18, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The Minicom blog — for those paying attention a rare corporate blog that does more than hump its wares — has a post this morning about the announcement of a partnership that extends the thinking of the Out of home Video Advertising Bureau to Europe.

An important milestone in the development of the digital out-of-home industry has been set by the founding of the Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) European chapter on November 13, 2008 – the first European centric representative of the interests of providers and suppliers of audio visual media at POS and POI.

OVAB Europe is the central point of contact and information source, as a single issue supplement to the existing digital out-of-home industry, for all concerns of industry partners and system providers in this industry.

The stated goal of the association is to showcase the technological, commercial and creative potential of the out-of-home segment and to establish uniform industry standards while strengthening the European centric dialogue between manufacturers, service providers and the advertising industry. By actively exchanging ideas and experiences, the partnership between OVAB Europe and OVAB USA greatly contributes to this endeavor. 

You will find the rest of it here … 

This is an interesting move. The initial membership includes network operators like Neo (which has greatly expanded itsa footprint in the past year and become Europes dominant network operator) and hardware guys such as Mincom, NEC, IBM and Philips.While I doubt there are many ad buys in this industry that cross the Atlantic, requiring such uniform standards, there is no value in having conflicting metrics standards in different parts of the world. And there’s no point in reinventing the wheel if the two entities go into this with the spirit of sharing ideas and information. 

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