PRN to unveil new shelf-edge screen solution at In-Store Expo

November 11, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The In-Store Marketing Expo opens in Las Vegas tomorrow, and there will be a few companies there showing their latest retail-centric pots and pans. It’s not a digital signage show, but digital is definitely starting to have an impact on retailing and the companies that provide the merchandising solutions into retail.
Among the companies showing stuff off is Thomson’s Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (aka PRN), which is unveiling its new interactive Display TV merchandising solution.
According to PRN, the Display TV allows shoppers to select content that helps them make product choices adjacent to the point of purchase for a category of products. At ISME, the display will present content featuring a host offering short wellness tips on a 42” vertical screen while showcasing four seasonal HBA (health and beauty) products. PRN’s Display TV can showcase a single product or multiple products, depending on a retailer’s needs, and can be configured to support interactive touch applications such as store navigation.  
“This multi-product Display TV is one of PRN’s most compelling and flexible new merchandising solutions coming out of our innovation team and the current HBA solution being showcased at ISME demonstrates the impact it can have in serving shopper’s needs,” said Richard Fisher, PRN president. “We are excited to work with our retail and advertising partners to further develop seasonal and category applications of this innovative solution which we expect to be in the market during 2009.”
All I have is a screen shot, but it clearly shows simple navigation and a screen thatr is not all junked up. This is where it’s going in retail, NOT screens hanging from the rafters. 

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