Detail on more DIGIs

October 31, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Press releases are dribbling out there and there that give soke more detail on what the winners did that earned them DIGI awards recently.

Digital Signage Today has a combo piece that references Artisan’s nCap (already detailed) but then also New Mexico-based TRED Displays, which has technology that seems a little like electronic ink, but probably isnn’t. This is the technical description: Tred has developed a reflective, bi-stable and cost-effective clean-tech display designed specifically for digital signage.

Tred’s display products are designed to address the larger printed fixed-image sign market with a cost-effective, portable (wireless communication and battery powered) display. These displays enable the production of HybridSigns where digital content, like Tred’s display products, are integrated into printed fixed-image graphic signs.

So no motion graphics or anything, but for lotteries it could be showing jackpot amounts, as an example. Cool.

And my friends at DDC, down the road in Waterloo (home of the BlacKberry), put a press release out noting “the veteran hardware, software and creative content supplier was honoured with an unprecedented three DIGI awards at The Digital Signage Show at New York’s Javits Center in October.”

For their work with Rogers, DDC won the “Judges Innovation Award for Digital Signage Sourcing” for the multiple digital signage & interactive systems designed & deployed as part of the newest generation store design (NEXGEN). Rogers embarked on developing a NEXGEN store environment in an effort to enhance the overall Rogers retail customer experience. The client required a more sophisticated, more dynamic in-store experience, and, as part of that requirement DDC was asked to help create a fun, interactive, welcoming yet futuristic environment aligned with the brand promise of customer-centric innovation. 

DDC has direct ties to a retail design firm, which can make a massive difference in moving a project away from a gear-head plan to one that really thinks through the whole approach. And Stuart Kirkpatrick and Steve Harris have also been at this forever, and know a thing or two. Well done!

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