So how did that Jiffy-Pump out by exit 173 do in the overnights???

October 28, 2008 by Dave Haynes

In another sign of an evolving industry, it is now possible to get Nielsen TV audience data for those screens parked on top of gas pumps. 

Reports a press release:

The Nielsen On Location Media Pocketpiece report is intended to verify a network’s audience for potential advertisers, and in this case shows about 3/4s of the audience viewing the screens is in the “highly coveted 18-49 age group.”

One would think about 3/4s of the driving public is also in that age range, but never mind.

“Gas Station TV joins in raising the bar of accountability in digital out-of-home by providing the network’s exposure reports to both buyers and sellers each month,” said Paul Lindstrom, senior vice president of The Nielsen Company. “Gas Station TV should be acknowledged for taking a leadership position in ad sales efforts. This accountability and predictability is what goes into the basic currency for conducting business.” 

The Gas Station TV Pocketpiece report details Nielsen’s traditional audience measurement metrics, providing advertisers and agencies alike with the greatest level of accountability and legitimacy at the pump. Together with Nielsen, Gas Station TV will distribute Pocketpiece reports on a monthly basis, supplying advertisers and agencies with valuable audience measurement information, including:

    • Cumulative transactions (Nielsen-verified monthly impression levels by DMA for Gas Station TV)

    • Key audience demographics of Gas Station TV viewers, including age and gender

    • Average minute exposures (the total number of people exposed to Gas Station TV at any given minute of the day)

    • Gas Station TV’s gross exposure levels over the month. 

I really don’t know much about audience research, but I certainly do hear from clients who say media planners want to put their networks in a category and make it easier for themselves. I’ve also heard network operators, particularly those who do co-branding or have heavy editorial contribution fron network or local TV, WANT to be measured like TV.

Problem is … it’s not TV. 

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